Sample Deals


Client has existing first of $395k, lien of $55k from CRA (from reassessment) and additional debts of $20k on an appraised value of $645k and a beacon score of 579 with stated income.

Location: Scarborough
Appraised Value: $645,000.00
Existing Mortgage(s): 1st $395,000.00 Mortgage(s): 2nd $87,500.00 to 75% LTV

Client cleared up $55k in Revenue Canada Liens and amalgamated his debt load into one 2nd mortgage payment.

Clients had an existing first of $250k, HELOC for $65k on a home valued at $515k.  Both mortgages were with financial institutions at good rates, up for renewal in 14 months and approximately $30k in credit card debt, most of which was moderately behind.

Location: Ottawa
Appraised Value: $515,000.00
Existing Mortgage(s): 1st 
$250,000.00 2nd $65,000.00 Mortgage(s): 
3rd $45,000.00 to 70% LTV

Clients were able to redeem and payout their lagging credit card debt, giving them the opportunity to rewrite in 12 months time without paying a penalty or having to payout two low rate mortgages to accomplish the same.


Clients had an existing first mortgage of $79k, a Heloc for $125k and consumer credit card debts and loans totaling another $80k that they incurred from a failing business venture. The home was valued at $360k and our broker partner submitted the deal to us citing that he had obtained a new first mortgage commitment from a B Lender and was looking for a top up to 85% LTV to clear up the rest of the debt and give the clients some liquidity.

Location: Toronto
Appraised Value: $360,000.00
Existing Mortgage(s): 1st $270,000.00 (Broker partner obtained from a B Lender) Mortgage(s): 2nd $35,000.00 to 85% LTV

The clients were given a new first mortgage that was secured from a B lender and we provided the additional money to make the deal work and give his clients some cash flow.


Client had an existing 1st of $185k and was 5 months behind facing a power of sale and was unemployed.

Location: Whitby
Appraised Value: $300,000.00
Existing Mortgage(s): 1st $185,000.00 Mortgage(s): 1st $225,000.00 prepaid to 75% LTV

The client was given a new first mortgage with the 1st year of payments being deducted from the advance, leaving the client free of obligation to make payments for the term and ample time to secure employment.


Recently divorced mother of two was given an ultimatum to buyout her ex spouse from the house for $35k or sell. The client made good money and had marginal debt but still had substandard credit as a result of the marital breakup and was facing a large penalty to break the existing mortgage of $275k. The home was valued at $405k

Location: Hamilton
Appraised Value: $405,000.00
Existing Mortgage(s): 1st $275,000.00 Mortgage(s): 2nd $55,000.00 to 81.5% LTV

Client was able to pay off her ex husband who had previously signed as a consenting spouse and keep control of the home. In addition to this she was able to clear up the few debts that she had to begin to rehabilitate her credit.


Client had an existing institutional first for $177.5k and a private 2nd for $30k, which was not being renewed due to poor payment history on an appraised value of $335,000.00. He had also entered into a consumer proposal with $18k remaining and was facing default.

Location: Burlington
Appraised Value: $335,000.00
Existing Mortgage(s): 1st $177,500.00 2nd $30,000.00 (not being renewed) Mortgage(s): 2nd $70,000.00 to 74% LTV

Client was able to payout 2nd position mortgage which was not being renewed. He paid out his existing consumer proposal and netted additional funds giving him operational cash.


Clients had an existing first of $645k institutional first (appraised value $1.2M) that the client was 6 months behind on and facing a power of sale and the mortgage was not being renewed. The clients had been self-employed and their company had been going under for over a year. They had leveraged approximately $150k in personal credit card debt (most of which was in the form of liens) to keep it going and owed $24k to the municipality and were fighting a losing battle.

Location: Richmond Hill
Appraised Value: $1,250,000.00
Existing Mortgage(s): 1st $645,000.00 Mortgage(s): 1st $937,500.00 prepaid for 6 months to 75% LTV

The clients were able to stop the power of sale, payout out their creditors & liens and bring the property taxes up to date. The client’s mortgage was prepaid from the advance for 6 months and they used the additional funds to do minor renovations


The client had an existing mortgage of $185K on a value of $285k and was looking to renovate his basement to add a retrofit apartment. His mortgage still had 18 months remaining on it and he was facing a large penalty to break the mortgage early.

Location: Niagara Falls
Appraised Value: $285,000.00
Existing Mortgage(s): 1st $185,000.00 Mortgage(s): 1st $42,500.00 to 80% LTV

The client leveraged the money he needed to renovate his basement and add an apartment to bring him additional income.