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I Have Unpaid Taxes,
What Are My Options?

With expert insights and practical advice, this video provides valuable information to help you navigate through the complexities of tax debt and tax debt resolution.
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Interest on Arrears
or Delinquent Taxes

This is a serious issue for property owners.  As income tax arrears and delinquent taxes typically accrue interest until they are paid or recovered by the local government.  

The interest is considered a part of the total amount of the taxes in arrears or delinquent taxes, and property owners must stay informed on current and historical interest rates to understand their financial obligations and take the necessary steps to pay their outstanding tax debts.  

The good news is that property owners can avoid additional interest charges and prevent liens being registered against their properties. Talk to one of our experts to learn about our property tax arrears solutions. 

Struggling with unpaid property taxes?

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Can I Lose My Home in a Property Tax Sale?

When a local government has no other course of action, it can go after a foreclosure on a property with unpaid taxes. Homeowners, on the other hand, can try to negotiate payment plans with the municipality. 

Your home may be unsafe from the power of sale or foreclosure, even if you’ve paid off your mortgage. If your home is on a mortgage, your current mortgage lender may require you to keep up with property taxes and make your payments on time. 

Property tax arrears are never a good thing and should be addressed by homeowners as soon as they can. Talk to one of our experts to discuss your options for property tax arrears solutions and how we can help you with your property tax responsibilities.  

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Can I Apply for a Property Tax Loan?

Property tax loans aren’t easy to secure, usually because most mortgage lenders don’t want to take on someone else’s headache. There are lenders though who will approve mortgage refinancing and home equity loans to consolidate property tax arrears payments.  

As a first step, you must find a mortgage broker specializing in these types of secured loans., specializes in helping property owners who are facing property tax arrears challenges by providing you with solutions to make an informed decision. We focus on helping those who are struggling with the following:  

  • Property tax arrears and tax arrears certificates 
  • Mortgage arrears 
  • Power of sale & foreclosure 

Having overdue property taxes is not an ideal situation, and there are options available to get you updated with your property tax obligations and keep you there.  

Apply now, and we’ll connect you with a financial specialist who can help you find the best solution for your property tax arrears situation.  

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Can’t Pay Property Taxes?
We Can Help! has been helping people with secured property tax loans for over 30 years. Our name may have changed, but our solutions have not. 

If you are facing a municipal tax sale, have property tax arrears, or your bank refuses to renew your mortgage, make your next call. We offer free phone consultations or apply online and get approval in as fast as 24 hours!  

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