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Who? is an Ontario based mortgage brokerage with deep ties to the private lending world. We have carved out a unique niche in the industry working almost exclusively with clients that traditional financing institutions won’t help. is committed to providing clients and our broker partners with fast, efficient and cost effective remedies to the problems they are facing.

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What? offers subprime and private mortgage solutions directly to consumers and provides funding solutions for our broker partner channel through our pools of private investors. We are not a mortgage investment corporation and each investor has the ability to look at investment opportunities on a case by case basis.

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Brent Smith, the principal broker founded this business almost 30 years ago. Although it operated under a different name back then and it has grown substantially, the business model has always been the same: “Help those who cannot help themselves”. We have re-branded the name to keep with the times, which is how we landed on a couple of years ago. We wanted to find a voice in the age of the internet but maintain our business model without compromising the integrity of the way we do business.


As a brokerage direct to clients, we operate all across Canada funding residential, commercial, construction and vacant land financing with emphasis on clients who have been turned away by traditional banks. As a partner to our broker affiliates we arrange 1st, 2nd & 3rd mortgages all across Ontario (we are in the process of expanding to other provinces) by leveraging funds from our pool of private investors.

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Why? was created to fill the void of unpredictable subprime lenders and we offer true equity based financing solutions to consumers and brokers who do not have access to these types of mortgage funds. We can arrange true equity financing for even the most complicated deals and we have unparalleled attention to detail and execution.