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Whether your goal is to become debt-free, purchase your first home, or convert equity into cash, Mortgage for Bad Credit in Canada can provide you with expert advice to reach your financial goal. Allow us to help you find the mortgage solution for your unique situation. We Get Mortgages Approved, even with Bad Credit!

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How to Get Approval with Bad Credit - 

Learn more about bad credit mortgages and see how can help you get your mortgage approved even with less-than-perfect credit.
Do you find getting a loan or mortgage approval challenging due to poor credit? We provide valuable insights and tips to improve your chances of getting approved despite having bad credit. Don’t let bad credit hold you back – watch this video today and start your journey toward financial freedom!
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What is a Bad Credit Score for a Mortgage?

A bad credit score can restrict your mortgage options and can result in:

Eligibility varies depending on the type of loan, but most traditional A lenders look for a minimum of a credit score of 650 or above. Fortunately works with a variety of lenders who don’t place too much emphasis on credit.

Can You Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit in Canada?

Banks and conventional lenders may turn down those with poor credit because they are considered high-risk. Personal loans in Canada are more difficult to get without collateral, and unsecured bad credit personal loan approvals have gone down considerably.
Big lenders now require excellent credit and a high income. However, mortgage loans for bad credit in Canada still exist if you know where to look. We can help you get the best mortgage solution that works for you!
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Can You Buy a House with Bad Credit?

Although it is still possible, buying a home with poor to bad credit is more difficult than for those with good credit. A credit score of less than 560 is generally considered “poor” in Canada.
Lenders will consider a variety of factors in addition to your credit score when determining whether to approve your loan application, and some of these are:
A larger down payment can be beneficial if you have bad credit because it may enable you to qualify for a higher loan amount. Lenders may be more willing to lend you money if you have more skin in the game and they have a lower risk to take.

Should You Get a Home Loan with a Bad Credit?

If you have bad credit, lenders view you as a greater risk when qualifying you for a loan. Lenders usually impose a higher interest rate than they would for someone with excellent credit. This is to compensate for the risk. In the long run, this higher interest rate can result in considerably higher interest payments for the duration of the term.
As can be seen on the table below, using a $350,000, 30-year fixed mortgage, someone with poor credit will pay considerably higher cumulative interest than a person with good to excellent credit.
The slight variations in interest rates between credit score ranges may not seem significant at first glance, but they can accumulate significantly over the loan’s lifespan. For instance, improving a credit score from 639 to 680 could save a borrower $101,482 in the long run.
Credit Score APR Monthly Payment Principal & Interest Total Interest Paid
760-850 6.208% $2,145 $422,365
700-759 6.430% $2,196 $440,614
680-699 6.607% $2,237 $455,293
660-679 6.821% $2,287 $473,189
640-659 7.251% $2,388 $509,628
620-639 7.797% $2,519 $556,775

Don't Let Bad Credit History
Stand in Your Way  

We understand that buying a home can be difficult, and we are here to guide you through the process. Apply for mortgage loan with bad credit now. Call Us: 1-855-668-3074!
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How to Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit in Canada?

Many institutional and alternative lenders in Canada still approve bad credit mortgage loans without looking at credit or income, and these are:
They are increasingly reviewing applications on a case-by-case basis. Equity is often more critical than credit for these lenders, and a larger down payment increases the chances of approval.
Bad credit mortgage lenders are willing to overlook various credit issues. Bad credit mortgage lenders will often lend to clients with:
In short, no matter what your credit score is, there is a mortgage lender for bad credit in Canada. All you need is equity and knowing where to go.
With, you can get approved for a bad credit mortgage in Canada with an easy application process. Apply now and get started on your journey to financial freedom!

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How To Increase Your Chances of Approval for Bad Credit Mortgage 

If you have bad credit but need a mortgage, there are several steps to take to increase your chances of getting approved:

Increase Your Down Payment 

By making a larger upfront payment, you can reduce the lender’s risk and make them more likely to approve your application.

Find a Co-signer 

Requesting someone to act as a co-signer is helpful because with it, the lender can hold the co-signer accountable for repayment if you default on the loan. Individuals though, such as your spouse, close family members or friends, may not be as willing to take on this risk to support your financial needs.

Repay Other Debts 

You must review your current debt-to-income ratio to secure a home loan. If you have a manageable amount of existing debt and an adequate income to sustain the bad credit loan mortgage payments, it can be much easier for you to get approved.

Improve Your Credit 

Improving your credit can increase the chances of your loan getting approved, as well as provide you with better terms. Check credit reports for errors and dispute inaccuracies. Keeping credit utilization below 30% and making payments on time can boost credit scores.
We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to apply today and take the first step to your homeownership.
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How to find the Best Mortgage Lenders for Bad Credit in Canada?  

It may be surprising but finding a bad credit mortgage lender in Canada can be straightforward with the right resources. Enlisting the help of a mortgage broker who specializes in bad credit mortgages, like, can help simplify the process for you.
As experts in hard-to-place mortgages, we have a broad range of options compared to other brokers. We can obtain faster approvals with favorable mortgage rates and flexible terms.
Our 30 years of experience underwriting mortgages for clients with poor credit makes us a preferred choice among bad credit mortgage lenders. Talk to one of our mortgage experts now and get approved fast.

Getting a Bad Credit Mortgage in Canada with offers expert advice from our mortgage brokers who specialize in bad credit mortgages. Whether your goal is to become debt-free, purchase your first home, or convert equity into cash, has the go-to mortgage solution for you.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation with one of our mortgage experts and start going after your home or debt solution mortgage today! You can also apply online and begin the mortgage application process right now.
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Work with Subprime or Alternative Lenders

Subprime and alternative lenders specialize in offering mortgages to borrowers with bad credit. Consider working with them if traditional lenders have turned you down.


One such option is We specialize in connecting borrowers with subprime and alternative lenders. Contact us to explore your options and increase your chances of approval.

We’re willing to help you, so don’t hesitate to apply today and take the first step to homeownership.

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