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About Self Employment

Have you been turned away by your bank, credit union or mortgage lender because you are self employed or can’t demonstrate enough income to qualify? Good Credit is not enough to qualify you for a mortgage these days. Most major lenders want proof of income that is both consistent and sufficient to cover the money you are borrowing.

Despite the major banks tendency to decline clients who can’t prove their income there are a slew of lender’s who invite common sense lending. As long as a lender can make sense of an application and feels comfortable that the loan will be repaid and that they won’t lose their investment they are more than happy to approve our applications.

If your bank won’t help you, we most certainly can! For the last 30 years we’ve been helping clients that other lenders have turned away. Contact us if you require mortgage financing and are:

• self-employed
• laid-off
• on maternity leave
• not claiming all of your income (contractors etc)
• working in the service industry (don’t claim tips)
• between jobs
• retired
• on disability
• on social assistance
• on unemployment insurance

Contrary to what most mortgage lender’s will tell you there are a number of lenders who are willing to compete to get clients with these types of issues. Just because you can’t prove your income in the traditional sense does not mean you represent a risk to a lender. Having a broker who knows how to submit these applications and who to submit them to means that not only will you get an approval but you will have lenders competing for them!

Don’t be discouraged because you have been turned away.

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