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Struggling with high-interest debt can feel like an endless cycle. But what if you could break free? Imagine consolidating those overwhelming debts into one, manageable solution. As a homeowner, you hold the key to unlocking a smarter path to financial freedom. With a Debt Consolidation Mortgage, wave goodbye to exorbitant interest rates and say hello to peace of mind.

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With debt consolidation mortgage, Canadian homeowners can reduce their debt fast and save more!

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What Is a Debt Consolidation Mortgage?

Imagine a life where you have to deal with just one lower monthly payment instead of juggling several high-interest loans. A debt consolidation mortgage can turn this dream into reality. It's an effective way of managing your finances, consolidating all your existing debts into one manageable mortgage.

By refinancing your home loan or taking out home equity, you can add existing debts to the mortgage amount, and paying them all off simultaneously. This can significantly lower your monthly payments, making you free from paying high interest rates on personal or credit card loans.


How to Consolidate Debt into your Mortgage?

There are four strategic ways that can help you to consolidate your debt into primary mortgage.

Every strategy comes with their own benefits and drawbacks, so it is advisable to approach Mortgage Specialist to secure better financial path with right guidance. has proven experience in helping clients to overcome financial strain with personalized solution that fits their financial needs. We guide you through every step to bring you back to financial track.

Women consolidating debt into mortgage
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When Can You Consolidate Debt into a Mortgage?

Consolidating debt into a mortgage can be a strategic way to manage and reduce your financial burden. However, there are specific conditions and times when this option is most feasible and beneficial. Here’s when you can consider consolidating debt into your mortgage:

Sufficient Home Equity

The primary requirement for consolidating debt into your mortgage is having enough equity in your home. Typically, lenders require that you have at least 25% equity in your home to approve a debt consolidation mortgage.

Avoiding High-Interest Debts

If you're burdened by high-interest debts like credit card bills, consolidating these into a mortgage loan debt consolidation can save you a lot in interest payments.

Improve Cash Flow Needs

By extending the repayment term and reducing the monthly payment amount, you can ease your financial burden and manage your expenses more effectively.

Financial Stability and Long-Term Goals

If you plan to stay in your home for an extended period and are focused on achieving financial stability, this strategy can align with your objectives.

Take Control of Your Finances

Consolidate Debt with Second Mortgages

TurnedAway specializes in debt consolidation loans for homeowners who have been turned away by big banks. We can help you overcome your financial challenges, reduce debt and save money.

Refinance Your Mortgage to Consolidate Debt

Refinance your mortgage to consolidate debt can be a smart financial move for homeowners looking to streamline their finances. Here’s why:

Lower Interest Rates

Mortgages typically comes with lower interest rates compared to credit cards, personal loans and other unsecured debts. Hence, consolidating high-interest debts into a refinanced mortgage is a viable option for homeowners who are looking to reduce their overall debt.

Financial Stability

By consolidating your debts into a single, manageable mortgage payment, you can achieve greater financial stability. This can reduce financial stress and allow you to focus on other financial goals, such as retirement saving or an emergency fund.

Avoiding Bankruptcy

By restructuring your debts into your mortgage loan, you can avoid the consequences of bankruptcy, and save yourself from severe damage to credit score and potential loss of assets.

With personalized assessments, expert guidance, customized solutions, detailed analysis, and ongoing support, we ensure you make the best financial decision for your unique situation.

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Consolidate Your Debt using Home Equity

Debt can feel like a heavy weight, constantly holding you down and preventing you from achieving your financial dreams. For homeowners, there’s a brighter path on the horizon. By tapping into a home equity, you can consolidate high-interest debts into a single manageable payment.

You can either choose home equity loan or secured line of credit (HELOC), whichever suits best to your specific situation.

Benefits of consolidating debt into Home Equity Loan or HELOC:

Easy Application Process

We’ll help you find the best deal for your debt consolidation needs based on competitive interest rates and flexible terms.

Debt Consolidation Loan for Bad Credit Canada

Our bad credit debt consolidation loans are specifically designed for existing homeowners who find themselves battling with numerous debts and a less-than-ideal credit score.

We can arrange Second Mortgage who have or are facing the following:

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Mortgage Brokers for Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans in Ontario

Taking control of your financial destiny doesn’t have to be a dream. With debt consolidation loans for bad credit and a streamlined application process, makes it a reality for Canadian homeowners. Don’t let high-interest debt dictate your life. Embrace the opportunity to consolidate, rebuild, and breathe easier.

By dealing with various debt consolidation mortgage lenders, we can get you the best offer for your situation. helps you save money and provide you with debt relief, regardless of your credit history.

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Debt Consolidation Loan FAQs:

Applying for a debt consolidation loan can cause your credit score to dip in the short-term due to the lender’s credit check. However, in the long run, taking out a consolidation loan can improve your credit rating since all previously consolidated debts are now seen as settled.

A consolidation loan can pay off and combine credit card debt, payday loan debt, lines of credit, and utility bills. A consolidated loan can help you simplify your finances and reduce the number of unsecured debts.

If you are applying for a HELOC or home equity loan, you are using the equity in your home to fund the loan, so you do not need to provide further security.

Your chance of being denied a debt consolidation loan varies depending on your individual circumstances. Nonetheless, some typical causes behind rejection are weak credit scores, high debt load, and inadequate funds to make payments.

Being able to afford the loan payments is necessary for debt consolidation approval. With a consistent income, you’ll likely be approved for a debt consolidation loan.

Being able to afford the loan payments is necessary for debt consolidation approval. With a consistent income, you’ll likely be approved for a debt consolidation loan.

Canadians have various choices regarding consolidating credit cards or loan debt, but what about tax debt? You can use the funds in your consolidated loan to pay your outstanding tax debt.

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